Olympus - List of Characters

Dimitry Raphael - 100m Olympic athlete, arrogant, self obsessed, fit, handsome, strong, mistaken for Hermes in 780BC

Cadmos - Athenian patrician and organiser of the games. Uncaring, arrogant, self obsessed, bigoted, obsessed with the games and power

Peleus - Romeo character, Spartan prince & warrior, loyal, athletic, handsome, brave

Nestor - Lifelong mentor of Peleus, dedicated to him, Spartan warrior, married but had an affair with the Athenian Dance Mistress, Elena

Telemon - Thetis' brother, son of Cadmos, with similar character, headstrong, easily angered

Zeus / Ben - Powerful King of the Gods, cares for mortals particularly Thetis, (Ben – Birmingham born actor playing Zeus in opening ceremony

Asclepios - Crazy herbalist & healer, mad professor type, strong comic skills, can see Dimitry in 780 BC

Homer - Slight, epileptic, highly intelligent young boy (wrote the Iliad!), creative mind but body's weak - can see Dimitry in 780 BC

Aimee - Caring, long-suffering wife of Dimitry

Thetis - Juliet character, Athenian daughter of Zeus & Cadmos' wife. Brought up by Maia in Cadmos' household, headstrong, beautiful

Maia - Nurse character, caring, loving, dotes on Thetis & Telemon, motherly, proud to be an Athenian

Elena - Athenian ethereal dance mistress, elegant, caring, inner beauty, in love with Nestor

Hera / Helen - Proud, cold, not fond of mortals, unforgiving, direct, Helen – actress playing Hera in opening ceremony

Athene / Ingrid - Strong, captivating, powerful presence, warrior Ingrid – Swedish actress playing Athene in opening ceremony

Aphrodite / Eloisa - Loving, caring, peace-maker
Eloisa – actress playing Aphrodite in opening ceremony

Persephone / Camilla - Goddess of the underworld - Camilla horse-loving actress in opening ceremony

James - Dimitry's best friend & Coach
Zander - Dimitry's father
Bella - Dimitry's mother
Director - Director of Olympic Games 2012 opening ceremony
Jane - Sexy, pretty director's assistant, fancied by Dimitry
Lance Monroe - Reporter
Jill Green - Reporter
Hermes - Athletic, messenger of the gods

kSmaller speaking roles (3m/ Athenians, Crowd, Other Gods, WAG type girls, Children's chorus




Olympus the Musical - 22/02/2012